Brand new laptop, what could go wrong RIGHT?!?!

#fail @DellCares

#fail @DellCares

#fail @DellCares

For the WIN, todays contestant is a BRAND NEW $3000.00 Dell Latitude fresh off Dell’s ZERO Quality Assurance Line!

Received a brand new, un-opened, un-damaged and ONTIME box from UPS (shocker right?) with this high quality Laptop inside. Plugged it in, Windows booted up and then rebooted itself. After reboot the OS refuses to load – just what you’d expect for $3000.00 investment right?

But hey, this is Windows…. so, run a factory reset on the machine 2 times – lets hope that fixes it – NOPE no dice!

Good thing this laptop comes with a killer warranty right?

So lets call Dell’s award winning customer support. Call immediately routed overseas, can barley understand a word the people are saying. 2 fun packed hours of garbled English later – Dell agrees they shipped the laptop with a bad SSD, but wait it gets better!

Dell considers hard drives to be ‘Consumer Replaceable Parts’, even though you must unscrew and disassemble the laptop to complete YOUR OWN warranty repair. Fun times thanks Dell!

Moral of the Story? Well, Dell refuses to replace the machine with a new one, refuses to do the labor work and refuses to escalate the call to someone in North America.

Next Steps? Need to purchase a USB drive, download an image from Dells website, manually remove and replace the hard drive myself and re-install the OS. Maybe i’ll send Dell my invoice.

Anyway, kudos Dell for making this high quality product AND for backing it up with such a fantastic warranty!



DELL “support” Email advising on how I can fix my own problem and preform my own warranty for your viewing pleasure….


Hi [redacted],

This email is in reference to the Service Request # [redacted]| Service Tag # [redacted] | System Model: LATITUDE 7480.

Thank  you for taking time contacting Dell Basic Support. We apologize for the system issue.

As discussed, please download the OS Recovery on DELL Website please click the link below for the instruction.

If you need further assistance, simply reply to this e-mail. Please include the following information in the body of the email:

1. Your preferred method of contact (email or phone if you would like us to call you back).

2. Please include your phone number and the best time of the day to call you if phone is your preferred method of contact.

3. Results of troubleshooting steps provided, error codes generated by diagnostics (if any).

Please include your Service Request number so we can review your case history.

Thank you for being a valued Dell client. Have an awesome day!

JOHN [redacted]
Dell Technical Support Specialist
Email: [redacted]
Badge No. [redacted]
Please visit our website for self service option on

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